CI for Automated Code Review
by Code Analysis

Uncover various issues in pull requests automatically; coding standard violations, anti-pattern instances, and bad API usage.
Top testimonial vasily
“I doubt there any engineers who already know all the things that SideCI points out”
Masayuki Imamura

Three problems in your code reviewing

  • 1. Taking too much time
    Problem 0
    Typical development teams spend up to 30% of their time for code reviewing. What if some of the time can be used for writing more code instead?
  • 2. Bugs delivered to customers
    Problem 1
    Even with the most experienced vigilant code reviewers, there may still be bugs. Less experienced reviewers will have even more trouble spotting them.
  • 3. Exhausting reviewers
    Problem 2
    Giving the same suggestions repeatedly is exhausting. This inevitably happens when new members join your team.

SideCI solves these problems
by automating code review

  • 1. Reduce time spent for reviews
    Solution 0
    SideCI detects issues found in your source code. This helps reduce time spent on code reviewing without sacrificing quality.
  • 2. Find more bugs
    Solution 1
    Analysis tools backing SideCI check your code against proven best practices. Find more bugs and your customers encounter fewer issues.
  • 3. DRY review suggestions
    Solution 2
    Customize the tools for your projects. Once they are configured, they can continue to give helpful suggestions without being an annoyance.


  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • CoffeeScript
  • Go

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Bitjourney interview
“I feel value in being able to leave the execution of not only Lint tools but also tools for improving code quality, such as Brakeman, all up to SideCI. You can forget about the presence of SideCi while developing, in a good way. It's really helpful.”
Bit Journey, Inc.
Vasily interview
“Sometimes there are cases where there are different opinions on which coding styles are best. I always keep in mind the community's best practices, and not by my personal preferences. SideCI really comes in handy because indications like this can be made automatically.”

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