Clean code with SideCI.

Maintain clean project codes with the automated continuous code review feature.

Identify hidden issues within the code.

Installation is not required. Identify issues in 30 seconds.

Identify problem areas hidden in the code without any installation. Select the matching toolset for your programming language and you are all set to go.

A diverse toolset.

The system provides functions for identifying invalid and non-standard codes, security flaws, library updates, unused codes, amongst many others. This diverse toolset will keep your code clean.

Automated Code Review

Driven by GitHub Pull Requests

Integrated with GitHub, SideCI will analyze the code as soon as a pull request is created. The analysis results can be viewed from the SideCI window at any time.

Code issues are notified using comments

SideCI will comment any discovered issues via GitHub's pull request. There's no need to access SideCI. Simply use GitHub as you normally would, and it will automatically review and identify issues with the code.

Simply write your code. SideCI's GitHub integration.

  • File codeWrite code
  • Git pull requestOpen a pull request
  • LogoSideCI finds issues, comment on GitHub
  • CheckFix the identified areas
  • Git mergeFix and merge

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SideCI staff doesn't read you code

Running the analysis process in a secure environment


  • Ruby

  • PHP

  • JavaScript

  • CoffeeScript

  • Python originalPython

  • Go originalGo


A static code analyzer based on the Ruby Style Guide.

Rails Best Practices

A code metrics tool designed for Ruby projects.


A static security scanner for Ruby on Rails.


Detects Ruby code smells.

Bundler Outdated

Notifies any updates on the libraries managed in the Bundler.

Method Definition Validator

Detects omission of modification of callers in the Pull Request of Ruby.

PHP CodeSniffer

Coding standards validation tool. Supports PSR-1, PSR-2 and coding standards of each framework.

PHP MessDetector

A static scanner for detecting unused methods, possible bugs, and code improvements.

Composer Outdated

Notifies of any outdated libraries in Composer.


Detects and identifies errors and issues in JavaScript files.


Detects and identifies errors and issues in JavaScript and ECMAScript files.


Performs CoffeeScript Style checks, identifies issues, and keeps code uniform.


Detects and identifies errors and issues in TypeScript files.


Performs SCSS Style checks, identifies issues, and keeps code uniform and readability.


Performs Style checks, identifies issues, and keeps code uniform and readability for HAML files and Ruby code in it.


Checks the style, quality and complexity of some python code.

Go Meta Linter

Concurrently run Go lint tools. It detects problems of style, dead code, etc.

Go Vet

Go Vet finds errors not caught by the compilers.


Performs Go language Style checks, identifies issues, and keeps code uniform.

Coming Soon

Support for Java, Scala, and a lot more. We will include as many tools as possible in SideCI.

Discover and identify problems in many projects.

SideCI is used in many projects across the globe. It has found an exceedingly large number of issues, and has commented these on GitHub.


Detecting issues as soon as they are created, SideCI has commented on GitHub over 23,000 times. 8,000 times every month.

4.5 Million Violations

It has detected over 450,000 coding issues.

Made in Japan

Developed in Japan, SideCI is used by a large number of programmers worldwide in Japan, America, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China.

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