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  • Index merit icon bug
    Find more bugs
    Analysis tools backing SideCI check your code against proven best practices. Find more bugs and ensure code quality. Ship your product without bugs.
  • Index merit icon time
    Reduce time spent on reviews
    SideCI automatically detects issues instead of reviewers. This helps reduce time spent on code reviewing without sacrificing quality.
  • Index merit icon dry
    DRY review suggestions
    Once the analysis tools are configured, they continue giving helpful suggestions. There's no worry about repeating the same suggestions even when new members join your team.
  • Index merit icon fine
    No more exhausting reviews
    Repeatedly giving the same suggestions exhausts reviewers. SideCI prevents reviewers from being exhausted and helps them focus the product.

Supports various analysis tools

With SideCI, you can use various analysis tools for many programming languages and environments. You can also run several tools so that your project can be polyglot. Working with complex front-end JS code in your Rails project? Use RuboCop and ESLint!

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