Does SideCI have any limit on number of concurrent analysis or number of containers?

No limit.All the analysis processes on the target project are executed in parallel without any limit.
With the automatic code review, SideCI is organized to work on maximum speed in order to make sure that the developers do not have to wait.In case all members create their pull-requests at the same time as well, the analysis results will be submitted to all pull-requests without delay.

Is SideCI secure?

Don't worry. We perform Transmission encryption, Data encryption and Complete code separation using containers.
With the container technology, each user's analysis environment is separated. Code handling is limited inside the container. Also, all transmission and data are encrypted.
Moreover, SideCI automatically checks the code by using program so nobody can view the code inside.
Please refer our security concept here.

What kinds of payment methods are available?

Payment via debit card and credit card, both via Stripe, are available.Stripe accepts most major credit cards, which are AMERICAN EXPRESS, MasterCard, and VISA.Payments for SideCI are made monthly. The payments are made starting from the day the plan is contracted.We accept USD and JPY for payment currency. Please note that you cannot change the payment currency after contracting.

How large of organizations are using SideCI?

A wide range of customers from 1 to up to dozens of projects are using SideCI.For the installation of projects in which the number of repositories is greater than the number of developers like Microservices, OEM or schools, please contact us via support@sideci.comWhen selecting a plan, 1-month fee will be charged to your PayPal account. After that, payments will automatically be made every month.

How and where can I confirm the receipt issued from SideCI?

You can confirm the receipt by E-mail. You will receive an E-mail from Stripe, with the message subject "Your SideCI receipt", every settlement.If you receive no E-mails from Stripe, there is a chance that they are being considered as spam. Please check the spam box to make sure.

Is it possible to change or cancel the plan?

Yes. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. The change of plan will be applied immediately. Also, the settlement will be made automatically every month starting from the date of change.

Do the mentioned prices already include tax?

For individuals and corporations in Japan, the prices already include tax. For customers not in Japan, no tax is required.

Why can't I find my organization to add on the "Analyze GitHub Repository" page?

SideCI may not be able to access the information of your organization on GitHub. Try granting access to SideCI with the following steps. In your GitHub account page, click [Settings] -> [Authorized OAuth Apps] and select SideCI. Then visit "Analyze GitHub Repository" page again. You should be able to select and analyze your repositories now.

How do you analyze only specified files on SideCI?

Create a file "sideci.yml", which is a configuration file for SideCI, and place it in your analysis repository. The analysis will be executed following the configurations defined in "sideci.yml". If you want to analyze branches pull requested before the sideci.yml was committed, update those branches, and rebuild SideCI. For details on how to write configurations in sideci.yml, please check the document here.

For any other questions not mentioned here, please feel free to contact us