SideCI analyzes your source code with static analysis tools.
Check out the issues reported by the tools, and optimize your code review process.

How it Works


When you open new pull request, SideCI runs analysis tools and uncover common issues, including coding style violation, security concerns, and performance issues. The analysis tools checks whole your project, but SideCI reports only errors related to changes in pull request.

If SideCI find issues in the pull request, it makes commit status on GitHub red to let developer know something is going wrong. Developer will review the issues and fix by themselves.

When all issues found by SideCI is fixed, the commit status will be changed to green. It means it's time to start code review by reviewer.

When reviewer starts reviewing, no trivial issues are left. This workflow allows reviewers to focus on thing humans do.


Supported Analysis Tools

With SideCI, you can use various analysis tools for many programming languages and environments. You can also run several tools so that your project can be polyglot. Working with complex front-end JS code in your Rails project? Use RuboCop and ESLint!


Default config
Well tempered default config.
SideCI provides good default configuration for many analysis tools. You can start using analysis tools with reasonable setting, without digging documents.
Customizing tools.
You can have custom config when you want more than our default config. Put the standard config files of analysis tools in your repository. SideCI will customize itself based on your configuration.
Pull request
Pull request based analysis.
You don't have to fix all warnings in your project right now. SideCI's analysis is based on pull request and only shows warnings related to changed lines.
Commit status
Fine grained enforcement.
You can disable commit status control based on tools. Issues from the tool will be reported, but you merge without fixing them.
Security by container.
Analysis tools run in isolated environment, one off Docker container for each analysis session. You project cannot access to any other project, and vice versa.

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