Code reviewing workflow with SideCI

Create new pull request
SideCI analyzes pull requests. It ignores issues from unchanged code so that you won't be bothered with existing issues in your legacy code base.
Github pull request
SideCI reviews your pull request
You'll receive your code review results as a commit status of your pull request. SideCI makes sure you won't miss it!
Github commit status
Check the issues and fix them
Review reported issues on the SideCI web app. Fix the issues and push the new commit.
Sideci result en
Decide which issues to fix and which to ignore by clicking the Close button.
Sideci close en
Merge & deploy
Your team will review and approve the pull request. SideCI helps reviewers focus on delivering value to your customers.
Github merged

Why SideCI?

  • Quick start with default config
    Reason easy to begin
    SideCI provides great default configurations for many analysis tools. You can start using analysis tools with reasonable settings without digging through documents.
  • Customization as usual
    Reason customizable settings
    You can use custom config when you want more than our default config. Put the standard config files of analysis tools in your repository.
  • Container for security
    Reason secure
    Analysis tools run in isolated environments; one off Docker container for each analysis session. You project cannot gain access to any other project, and vice versa.
  • Concurrent analysis
    Reason parallelism
    SideCI analyzes multiple pull requests simultaneously. You can analyze any number of pull requests same time.

Supports various analysis tools

With SideCI, you can use various analysis tools for many programming languages and environments. You can also run several tools so that your project can be polyglot. Working with complex front-end JS code in your Rails project? Use RuboCop and ESLint!

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