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* If you have more than 50 private repositories, we want you to contact us with your requirements.

Common questions

What can we do with Trial plan?

Everything we offer for paid plans! You can add private repos, and we will analyze their pull requests. Our 14 days trial period start when first add your private repo. Try SideCI with your real production app with trial plan, without being charged.

What will happen when trial up? Will we be charged?

We will stop analyzing your private repos when the trial ends up if you haven't switched to other plans. We don't ask for your credit card until you change your plan, so we can't charge.

How can I change or cancel the plan?

You can change or cancel your plan at any time from our web app. The change of plan will be applied immediately. We will start monthly charging cycle for your new plan immediately (no proration).

Using GitHub Enterprise?

We prepared SideCI for GitHub Enterprise.

You can use SideCI for all of your organizations and repositories without any limit.
If you are considering to use our services with GitHub Enterprise, we have prepared the guidance so please send all inquiries to

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